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You will receive a RANDOM assortment of vintage wallpaper from my extensive collection. The photos in this listing show an example of one pack, as well as SOME of what my collection looks like. Impossible to photograph every design, so your pack may or may not contain the designs shown in the images, as those are just examples. Some papers may be old, brittle, dry and or cracking. This is the nature of very old paper in general, so if this is not ok with you I do not recommend buying. These papers are absolutely perfect for all your junk journal needs, use them in collage, to make tags, etc. I have cut down really huge sheets and some rolls into “crafting friendly” sizes.


Each pack is different and has different sizes and shapes of paper. However they all weigh plus or minus 2 ounces and contain about 17-20 pieces of paper. This is an approximate number and weight but to my eye, and in my opinion, they all equal out to about the same amount of paper. I have a large collection of wallpaper and it’s time to pare it down and share the goods!

Vintage Wallpaper Pack

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